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Steptember – Walking for Wellbeing!

September 10th, 2020 | Blog

It’s not been easy to stay active these last few months. Working from home trying to juggle work, kids and everything else life throws at us hasn’t left much time to stay active. So with Steptember upon us I thought this is the perfect opportunity to get out there and start getting my daily step count above my daily doughnut consumption!!

I head into our office at Mount Gould once a week now, and always do my best to at least get out for a short walk. Stepping away from the computer screen and getting some fresh air can make such a difference to my overall wellbeing. Pre Covid, one of my regular walks was up to Freedom Fields Park and back to the office. It was only about 20-30 minutes long, but walking briskly it was enough to raise the heart rate a little. And this walk will be my “must do” activity throughout the Steptember Challenge. Freedom Fields Park is lovely and big with a play area of kids and plenty of space for dogs to stretch their legs, and you can just about see the sea over the rooftops!! It also reminds me of a time when I was child where I spent some time in Freedom Fields Hospital. It’s obviously now been replaced by new houses and flats, but I remember where it used to be and it’s nice to think about the support and care I received while I was a patient there.

When I’m out walking I’ll often take in my surroundings and where possible learn a little about the area I live and work in. This is a great way of adding more enjoyment and purpose to a walk and links nicely with the 5 ways to wellbeing which is a simple series of points which we can all use to maintain good physical and mental wellbeing.

The Steptember challenge is open to all businesses in Plymouth and is the perfect way for organisations to help staff to improve their wellbeing.  Not only does it motivate staff to get more active but could also help colleagues connect more during this time, where connecting has been made more difficult. And remember, walking can be enjoyed with others while also social distancing J

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Greg Price – Wellbeing at Work Advisor