Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode.

More than 500 Wellbeing Champions in Plymouth are supported and trained in the promotion of mental health and wellbeing. To influence healthy cultures in their workplaces and communities. 

In any business or community setting, it is essential to have a Wellbeing Champion. Free and easy to access, training is available virtually or in-person. Businesses and communities can also benefit from bespoke sessions.

Designed to improve the health and mental wellbeing of others by increasing team morale. This is done by providing practical, supportive health and mental wellbeing messages, distributing relevant information, organising healthy lifestyle projects and social events.

Throughout the programme, you will be trained and supported by two dedicated members of the Wellbeing at Work Team as well as receiving a Wellbeing Champion Starter Pack, regular updates about health campaigns and general wellbeing resources.

You will be encouraged to stay in touch with us, get involved in wellness opportunities, and network with others.

Wellbeing Champions are also invited to Wellbeing at Work Quarterly Forums, including our Annual Awards Conference.

Who champions our Wellbeing Champions?

Charley Roberts, Health Improvement Practitioner and Wellbeing Champion Lead of the Wellbeing Champion Programme and Shawnie Lea, Health Improvement Advisor, Support and Administrator for Wellbeing at Work and Wellbeing Champions.

Whilst Charley is your main point of contact for Wellbeing Champions, both are here to support, inspire and provide networking opportunities for all Wellbeing Champions within Plymouth.

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