Wellbeing in the workplace

Adults working full time spend about one third of their waking hours at work

Wellbeing at Work encourages health and wellbeing to be part of the culture of your organisation

Wellbeing at Work offer on-site support, training, an awards programme, and resources.

Wellbeing at Work Awards

Our Wellbeing at Work Awards programme is free and flexible to participate in

Based on Public Health England and Business in the Community Toolkits

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Wellbeing at Work Forum

Our next Forum will be on the 7th October 2020 and will include workshops around Sleep from Plymouth Options and Alcohol Awareness from Livewell Southwest

Wellbeing Champions

Positively impact on the health and wellbeing of employees in your business. Champions learn how to run simple healthy lifestyle projects and how to make a difference.

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The next Forum is on the 7th October 2020, you can book your place via the link below and keep an eye out for more information.

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Wellbeing Training

Our range of training programmes include mental health, healthy eating, alcohol reduction, stopping smoking and walk leader training.

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Workplace Awards

Make health & wellbeing part of the culture of your organisation. Take part in our flexible framework that can be adapted to the needs of your business.

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Please note that due to the Coronovirus we are not holding any face to face meetings but we can offer video conferencing. Unfortunately we are also unable to provide any training courses.


News Update

Read about the latest Wellbeing at Work initiatives and news from ourselves, partners and Wellbeing Champions.

Positive Effects of Flowers

Positive Effects of Flowers

Flowers and greenery have a huge impact on wellbeing.  If you are surrounded by flowers it helps you to feel less anxious, less stressed and less depressed. Lots of studies have proven that flowers give you peace of mind and increase life satisfaction. I love purple...



As part of our promotion of Mental Health Awareness Week, advisor Nita shares with us what the perfect start to a day-off would be. Rise & shine – it’s a sunny day! With the curtains open I'd have a cup of tea in bed brought in by my husband and cuddles with my...

Doing good does you good… and other Wellbeing at Work updates

Doing good does you good… and other Wellbeing at Work updates

Health and Wellbeing Resources We are always keen to offer the support and advice that you need and want. As well as our dedicated COVID-19 support page, did you know that we also offer free health and wellbeing resources which can be used for your staff noticeboards...