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Working from Home Day One

March 26th, 2020 | Blog

Jenny – Wellbeing at Work Advisor

Day one of working from home and I have some assistance from one of my fur babies called Bluebell.  Do you know that pets can help reduce workplace stress and nurture productivity?

Unfortunately Bluebell cannot type or contribute to guidance or policy work but she can offer social support, unconditional love and the feel good factor.  Petting your animals has been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure, and pet owners have fewer visits to the doctor, lower cholesterol and improved heart health.

I expect there are many cats, dog, rabbits, chickens, horses etc. at the moment supporting their owner’s wellbeing.  If you don’t have a pet but are interested in nature then I highly recommended following BBC Springwatch for moments of escapism.  There are some great videos to watch including BBC Springwatch Wales