Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode.

Wellbeing within Livewell Southwest

July 3rd, 2018 | Case Study

Livewell Southwest, based in Plymouth, is one of the largest social enterprises in England delivering health and social care services, and employing over 3000 staff.  It is actively engaged in staff wellbeing having achieved the Workplace Wellbeing Charter in February 2017 achieving Commitment level.

Livewell Southwest has a staff engagement council called Our Voice which enables staff to influence the future direction of the organisation and debate current issues that affect the business it is engaged in.  There is an annual awards ceremony recognising employees in the organisation.

There are 25 Wellbeing Champions trained within the organisation to deliver health improvement initiatives.  The champions meet regularly, attend the Workplace Wellbeing Forums, and have four hours protected time monthly to promote wellbeing.

Sara Harris, Podiatrist, Local Care Centre.

‘I aim to raise awareness to colleagues about events taking place.  Encourage healthier lifestyles to colleagues, walk at lunch when possible.  I would also like to look into the free health checks and whether they could be done at staff meetings so everyone could have access to them.’

Sophie Sommerfield, Clerical Officer, South Locality, Beauchamp Centre

‘As part of my champion role I have helped a lot in fund raising events, as we are an integrating service (health and social care) we have been running joint events which is boosting working relationships, moral and wellbeing at work.  I have also been organising fund raising events for The Brain Tumour Charity.’

Victoria Houlton, Family Health Worker with the School Nursing Service, Mount Gould Hospital

To organise a social walk within the team, this includes bringing your dog, children, or partner if you wish’.

Charlotte Gill, Physiotherapist, Beauchamp Centre

Charlotte has been campaigning for healthy swaps in her team, and trying to encourage people to bring in healthy alternatives to cakes once a week on ‘Trim Tuesday’s’.

Angela Saxby, Head of HR & Staff Wellbeing

‘Our annual staff survey indicated that for some employees taking a break during the work day seemed out of the question. To start addressing the issue we ran a campaign and competition to encourage employees to take a break. The campaign was kicked off by our Executive Team who wanted to role model from the top. We had many teams sharing their ideas and posting pictures on how they promote wellbeing during the working day. Some examples included team lunches, going for a brisk walk, reading a book, listening to music and mindfulness.’

A recent wellbeing competition was popular and encouraged people to team up and take their lunch.  It’s cool to refuel!  Photos of the winners of lunchtime photo competition receiving their water bottles & lunch bags as prizes.