Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode.

Mental Health First Aid Training Plymouth (MHFA)

Competitively priced Mental Health First Aid Training for businesses and communities within Plymouth. Train as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider®) and receive three years of certification, plus access to ongoing benefits. 

We all have mental health, alongside psychological health.

Regardless of one's background, identity, or employment, anyone may become ill at some point in their lives. Similar to the importance of learning First Aid for injuries or incidents, to prevent further risk to a person's physical health, Mental Health First Aid is just as significant to prevent further harm to a person's mental health.

Within Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), you will be taught how to identify, understand, and help someone experiencing a mental health issue.

You will not learn how to be a therapist, but you will learn how to listen, be reassuring and respond, even when a crisis occurs - or even prevent a crisis from occurring by recognizing warning signs of mental illness. You will also develop the skills, and the confidence to approach and support someone while keeping your own safety in mind.

Mental Health First Aid will also help you understand how to support positive wellbeing in your workplace and community as well as how to challenge stigma in the wider world we live in.

Please note: All MHFA England Instructor Members are accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health.

You must be 18+ to attend this course. 

This course is available only for those living or working within the Plymouth community.

Mental Health First Aid

By booking onto our Mental Health First Aid course you will gain:

  • Three years of access to the MHFAiders Support App.
  • Access to exclusive resources, opportunities and benefits.
  • Practical skills to recognise mental health trigger signs.
  • Confidence to guide someone who needs mental health support.
  • A deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that affect people’s wellbeing.
Nita and Warwick sat in a park with MHFA badge inserted

"Well structured and delivered. Some shocking statistics were presented and the realisation of the growing impact mental health has in our everyday lives, personally and professionally. It was really eye-opening! I enjoyed the interaction with other people doing the course as well. Overall, the content was excellent!"

"I learned a lot about mental health, including the importance of self-care, which I never really thought of previously. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I felt really engaged and motivated throughout. Some of the content within the subject is tough, but it needs to be covered and the trainers are so supportive. I felt that the attendees' welfare was at the forefront for both course days."

"Fantastic course with a good mix of activities, videos, and discussions. Both of the trainers were great, they listened and communicated very well!"

Ticket information

We are only offering Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) from bespoke requests only. All courses are face-to-face across two days. The course costs £60 per person. If venues can be provided, the price of course can be reduced further to £35 per person

Please note: Participants must fully attend all sessions to obtain their MHFAider® certificate and resources. 

Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend with less than 48 hours notice you will incur a 50% charge for your booking and will be invoiced accordingly.

If the workshop is cancelled by The Wellbeing Team (Livewell Southwest), you will be offered a place on a course, on an alternative date.

If you have any further queries or problems please contact us on 01752 437177 or email us on [email protected]