Workplace Awards

Wellbeing at Work Awards, in Plymouth, is about encouraging health and wellbeing to be part of the culture of your organisation.

The award is a flexible framework that can be adapted to the needs of your business.

Bronze Award

This is the core stage of the award programme and involves demonstrating a commitment to wellbeing in your organisation or business.

Silver Award

This is where your organisation has the opportunity to work on more focused areas that are relevant to your workplace such as musculoskeletal health, or sleep and recovery.

Gold Award

This is where your organisation has completed all focused areas of work in relation to workplace health.

Continued Excellence Award

This is aimed at those organisations that have achieved Gold award and continue to value health and wellbeing.

Our awards are based on the Public Health England and Business in the Community toolkits.

Please register your interest and we will be in contact shortly.  The awards programme is only available to Plymouth based businesses or those business who have 50% of their staff with a Plymouth postcode.