Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode.


Wellbeing at Work have put together some useful documents and links for Plymouth based workplaces to access information and advice on wellbeing support.  Please find a wide range of resources including workplace advice, mental health and other wellbeing topics including healthy eating, staying active and how to monitor alcohol intake.

Long Covid 

Mental Health 

First Response - Livewell Southwest

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Sleepio App

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Daylight App

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Headspace App

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Healthy Lifestyle

Domestic Abuse


Business Support

Free Training Support

On Course Southwest

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Useful Webinars

Webinar hosted by SOM for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021.

Please find a list of useful webinars held by SOM and Public Health England on Workplace Health.

Support for business to build back better - the benefits of age diversity – Webinar recording here. PDF slides here & here.

Refreshing your approach to workplace diversity and inclusion post-2020 – Webinar recording here. PDF slides herehere and here.

Managing job insecurity and creating better quality work – Webinar recording here. PDF slides here and here.

Managing stress, burnout and fatigue in health and social care - Webinar recording here. PDF slides herehere and here.

Promoting workplace health and wellbeing in COVID-19 and beyond - Webinar recording here. PDF slides here and here.

Developing a COVID secure health and wellbeing strategy - Webinar recording here. PDF slides hereherehere. Wellbeing toolkit here.

Managing change – from restructuring, redundancy to home working - Webinar recording here. PDF slides herehere, herehere. Q&A here.


Protecting mental health in the workplace

Thank you for attending today's webinar on protecting mental health. For those of you that joined us live, and for anyone that couldn't, here’s our latest webinar recording and links to some useful resources.