Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode.

Wellbeing at Work have over 200 trained and supported Wellbeing Champions who promote a healthy culture in their communities by raising awareness around health and wellbeing and signposting to resources.

Wellbeing Champions can access a wide range of wellbeing training courses, attend workplace wellbeing forums, and network with other champions

We share good practice and maintain regular contact with Wellbeing Champions and can deliver free training in your workplace or community setting.

We are pleased to offer a free training programme for Wellbeing Champions which can be delivered via eLearning or face-to-face. Wellbeing Champions make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of employees within a business or to members of the community.  They help to deliver health messages and run simple healthy lifestyle projects using information and resources provided by the Wellbeing Team.

The training provides an introduction to the Wellbeing Team, the role of a Wellbeing Champion, and how the Wellbeing Champion programme works in a business or community setting.  You will also undertake Making Every Contact Count eLearning and 4Mental Health Emotional Resilience online training.

You will be supported by a dedicated member of the Wellbeing Team who will contact you on a regular basis, via email and eShots about health campaigns and general wellbeing news updates. You will also be encouraged to keep in touch with us via social media including Facebook, Instagram and MS Chat, and will be invited to book onto our quarterly Forums including our Wellbeing at Work Annual Awards Conference.

Champion Training Process

Please download our Wellbeing Champion (Workplace) and our Community Wellbeing Champion (Community) Agreements and Processes. This will help you implement Champions into your organisation/community setting.

Keep Us Up-To-Date

If you have any news on your wellbeing activities then please let us know. We would like to share stories with other Champions, and promote activity on our website and Facebook page. If you would like to chat with our Wellbeing Champions Advisor then we can arrange a meeting or a video conference.

Charley Roberts is a Health Improvement Advisor for the Wellbeing Team and is the main contact for all trained champions.


Who champions our Wellbeing Champions?

Meet Charley Roberts, Health Improvement Advisor and support to Wellbeing Champions. Charley’s role includes being a point of contact for all Wellbeing Champions, providing support and networking opportunities, and ideas to inspire.


Champion packs

Take a look at the resources below, we recommend this to all our Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing Champion Video

Take a look at our Wellbeing Champion video. It has content of what our Wellbeing Champions have been up to and what support they get from the Wellbeing at Work Team.


Champion Activity

Take a look at what our champion's have been sharing at our network meetings.

Champion Award Winners

Our Wellbeing Champion of the Year Winners. These Wellbeing Champions have been nominated by work colleagues for showing dedication and support to make their workplace a healthier and more positive environment to work in.


Champion Network