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Wellbeing Champion Update from Foundever!

May 29th, 2024 | Case Study

Foundever reached out to us this month to update us on their May activities. They have been actively participating in various campaigns, educational initiatives, and Wellbeing Champion recruitment. Additionally, they have organised team activities for some leisure time and to take a break from their workloads.”

For Mental Health Awareness Week, Foundever organised a few Team Wellbeing Walks, which gave them all the perfect excuse to grab an ice cream on the Barbican! They also had a site challenge, asking their colleagues to cycle 18 miles per day to support the mental health awareness theme of ‘movement’ to help improve their mental health. We chose 18 miles, to symbolise 1 for each of the 18 people who are lost to suicide every day. With that, Foundever absolutely smashed their target and achieved on average 30 miles a day!

In addition to supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, Foundever also showed their support for Deaf Awareness Week and Multiple Sclerosis Week. Through these efforts, they raised awareness about the challenges faced by the deaf community and provided resources to help break the stigma and encourage discussions about the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

As well as enjoying a fun afternoon with ice cream, Foundever organised a Food Culture Day to celebrate World Culture Day on the 21st. Furthermore, they are relaunching their book club to provide another opportunity for employees to get together and enjoy reading for their wellbeing.

Thank you for keeping us updated on the activities and campaigns that the Wellbeing Champions are leading on in Foundever. It’s wonderful to see the comprehensive and diverse approach to wellbeing for all!