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Plymouth Options – How we stayed connected during Covid-19

November 11th, 2020 | Case Study

Plymouth Options – Wellbeing Blog

Wellbeing has certainly looked very different during the last few months!

Here at Plymouth Options we are very hands on with WB, organising different activities each month for staff to get involved in, such as arranging for the Know Your Measurements team to come in, Bake Off, Smoothie Bike, Plymotion were due to visit in April to offer Bike Checks for staff, we had something planned for each month up until about June. We were disappointed and for the first month or so of locKdown, WB has taken a back seat, while we all got used to working from home.

It became obvious that there was still a need to connect with staff and try to arrange some interesting and fun activities that staff could become involved in from home. We restarted our weekly meetings and enjoyed planning things and thinking outside the box.

We are now sending a weekly Wednesday Wellbeing newsletter, we are still planning around the 5 ways to Mental Wellbeing. We send links on subjects such as sleep advice, that Sunday night feeling, tree hugging, star gazing, anything to enhance wellbeing and feeling connected with each other. We have hosted pub quizzes and afternoon tea. We have all enjoyed peeking in each others houses with our ‘Through the key hole’ photos competition. The newsletter also includes happy news from staff, such as birthdays, weddings, and new babies. We welcome new staff and bid a cherry farewell to old staff. Pet of the week photos of weird objects for everyone to have a guess at and a joke of the week. Each month we pick a couple of important and or fun dates for that month for example, Menopause Awareness, Apple Day, Men’s Health, Autism Awareness, Take Your Teddy to Work Day!

I have signed up to received the ‘Happiness Magazine’ a virtual magazine with advice and information about Wellbeing, I forward this to all staff, one or two staff have decided to subscribe to the paper copy.

Feedback on our virtual WB has been positive.

We are planning further events, such as virtual Bake Off, Baby Photo’s ‘Guess Who?’ and of course Christmas! We can’t do our mince pie Monday but I am sure we will get round that one.

I did not think I would still enjoy being a WB Champion, virtually, or feel as though I was a ‘Proper’ WB Champion, I had always enjoyed organising actual events and engaging in the real world with staff. Although that would always be my preference, I have to say it is working well, I am enjoying it and still feel proud to Champion Wellbeing.

Jane Waite

Plymouth Options – Livewell Southwest