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My Favourite walk in Saltram!

September 30th, 2020 | Blog

I love walking and I particularly enjoy the circular loop around Saltram House and its gardens.  The loop is 2 miles in length and passes by quite a mixture of settings including fields of cows, a beach, views of Saltram House, woods, a bird hide and glimpses of the River Plym through the trees.  On a quiet day you can see and hear a wide variety of bird life including Jays, Canadian Geese, Heron’s and Egret’s.  My dog Florence likes spotting the grey squirrels and chasing them through the trees – the squirrels always win by quite some distance!  There are different trails to follow and different lengths of walks depending upon your level and what you fancy.  The paths are also suitable for buggies and bicycles which make them a good place to walk with the family.  I enjoy switching off from the daily stresses of life as I stretch my legs and walk at a reasonable pace around the loop.  It definitely helps with physical and mental health.  I also really enjoy a circular route as you feel as if you have achieved something – starting and finishing where you first started the walk.  I really missed walking here during lockdown and although I have lots of walks to choose from I do enjoy Saltram!

Walking is not only good for keeping you fit but also helps you feel good.  Taking some time out to stretch your legs and enjoy nature has been proven to help you live a happier and healthier life.  Walking has been described as the perfect exercise.  Find out how walking can help everyone live happier, healthier lives https://www.walkingforhealth.org.uk/

Jenny – Wellbeing at Work Advisor

September 2020