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Steptember – A morning walk to start the day!

September 23rd, 2020 | Blog

Since lockdown hit I have started each morning with a walk before the working day, this has really helped me wake up, get ready and go for what day is ahead of me.

I am very lucky to live in a lovely part of Plymouth, The Hoe. Each morning as I’m walking up to road I can see the clear sky and the sun over Drakes Island. I mean it’s not like that every morning with the English weather but it’s been nice the past couple of weeks J  once I get to the top I am stunned with how still and peaceful it is. There are the regular dog walkers which always give you a nice “good morning” when you’re walking past and the peace allows you to take in how amazing our City is.

During my walk I go past Sir Francis Drake and walk towards the citadel, by this time my body has got moving and I’m starting to get the brain working (takes a while without coffee).  I take a trundle towards the open swimming pool on The Hoe and watch the early morning sea swimmers braving the cold water.

I’m a routine kind of girl so it’s the same walk each morning but it allows me to process what I have to do for the day and get a plan in my head. At this point I am by West Hoe. I love this part of the Hoe, usually in the early mornings you have people fishing off the wall and during the summer you had kids jumping into the water – which I must say I done myself when I was younger!

Walking for me isn’t just exercise, it’s time to clear my head, start the day and sometimes even re-start the day. I am the type when I am stressed and overloaded with thoughts to take a walk, take a break and regroup. This is what I love about Steptember, you can walk, talk, think all in one and you’re are still getting your daily steps in but also doing so much for your mental health!

If you are ever on The Hoe, check out the Plymouth Trials App – it has all sorts of information about Plymouth from History, Images and Text. It’s been great to get to know about Plymouth even more on my daily walks.


Charley Roberts – Wellbeing at Work Advisor