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Steptember – Getting in your steps with the family bestfriend!

September 16th, 2020 | Blog

It is well known that there are many benefits to having a dog in the family, in terms of relieving stress and increasing general fitness levels with dog walking. A dogs’ love is unconditional and they tend to be very loyal to their own family, with a joyful welcome whenever you arrive home, boosting feelings of wellbeing, particularly if you’ve had a bad day.

Living in Devon, we are very lucky to have plenty of dog friendly places to visit and recently ‘One Plymouth’ featured the ’Top Ten Dog Friendly Locations in Plymouth’. Our JRT Poppy, always knows when we are about to leave the house, and eagerly awaits the moment that we get her lead out of the cupboard in the hallway, as only then does she know that she’ll be coming with us.

She has one long’ish walk a day, which should probably be two, and at weekends she has a long walk a bit further afield, such as a beach or some woods. Poppy’s favourite walks are where she can be let off the lead to have a good run, although she is  bit of a nightmare if we take a ball with us, as once she knows it is in my pocket, she will constantly jump up until I throw it. She is quite good at bringing it back although not so good at letting go and likes to wrestle you for it! She loves the beach and is a fantastic swimmer – she will go into the sea after a ball or stick for as long as we are willing to stand there throwing them, and if we stop, she starts to bark, until we begin throwing again.

Poppy is a very important part of our family and we wouldn’t be without her. She is very affectionate and loves lots of cuddles and after a busy day of running around, she sleeps all evening on the sofa next to us, until bedtime.

sign up to Steptember and all your dog walking steps will count towards the Workplace Challenge.

Nita Dodd – Wellbeing at Work Advisor