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I’m back after redeployment

August 19th, 2020 | Blog

I’m back after redeployment

What a crazy few months it has been, I was one of five team members that were redeployed to Plymouth City Council right at the beginning of COVID-19 to help the Caring for Plymouth Team. Our roles were to ring all the shielded people in Plymouth and help them to get the support they needed when having to stay inside and keep safe! This was by volunteer groups and charities to the NHS responders.

I really enjoyed my 3 months away as I was able to gather new skills and work with different organisations. I was also one of the lucky ones to be able to go to work every day and have a routine in place which was really useful when dealing with such uncertain times.

Once our 3 months were up, the 5 of us headed back into the Wellbeing Team, for me this meant I was coming back to Wellbeing at Work and Wellbeing Champions. I then had to adapt to working from home. This was very different and not easy to do at the start, I missed the social aspect of the office, talking to my colleagues and not being able to pop into the next office if I needed any help. What I have learnt during this time of redeployment and coming back to my role is that the virtual meetings, lovely emails and telephone calls have really worked wonders with keeping motivated and it also helped with my mental wellbeing.

We have some really good resources on the Wellbeing at Work Website on the “COVID-19 resource page” which has information about working from home, apps that help with mindfulness and much more – check it out as it really supported me with having to work from home after my redeployment so you might find something that will help support you now we our working situations change again, visit www.wellbeingatworksouthwest.co.uk.

Now I’m back to the Wellbeing at Work Team please feel free to contact me on c.roberts24@nhs.net about your wellbeing champions activity over the past few months or for any updated leaflets/comms you may need.


Charley – Wellbeing at Work Advisor