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Exercising at home

July 30th, 2020 | Blog

Exercising at home

Like most of us I have adapted my physical activity over the last few months to include exercising more at home.  Instead of travelling to my local church hall to undertake my Pilates class I am now logging onto ZOOM twice a week to follow my instructor in my living room.  I was delighted when my instructor contacted me and said that she was adapting how she worked and it meant I could still keep an element of fitness going.

Pilates makes me feel refreshed and happy.  Taking time out for 2 hours a week and concentrating on my breathing whilst stretching my body seems to make a huge difference to my physical and mental wellbeing.  I do miss the catch up with the other attendees of the group but I now prefer accommodating a class in my own surroundings.  There’s no commute, it’s quicker to fit it in and we can still all have a quick catch up at the beginning of the class to check we are all keeping well.  There’s also the benefit of exercising on a carpet which is much comfier than a hard church hall floor.  So I am converted to exercising at home as well as walking my dog.

There are lots of exercise classes which you can access for free at home to suit all abilities and preferences.  We have a number featured on our website including exercises sitting in a chair, strength and flexibility, and cardio.  Why not have a look and perhaps have a go!  https://www.wellbeingatworksouthwest.co.uk/covid-19-support/

Jenny – Wellbeing at Work Advisor