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Bring Your Dog to Work Day

June 25th, 2020 | Blog

Tomorrow (26th June) is Bring Your Dog to Work Day and our advisor Nita explains why working from home during the COVID-19 restrictions have been beneficial not just to her but to Poppy too.

Here I am working from home, as advised by the PM, I am sat at my desk in a room that used to be a garage, but has now been converted into a proper room we have named the ‘snug’ – not really sure why we call it that. It’s just another room which has a few purposes – one of them being as my office. Anyway, my Jack Russel Terrier, Poppy, is sat watching me, as if to say ‘what are you doing home Mum’?

Previously, on work days she looked at me with sad eyes as I switch on Classic FM, put down a couple of treats and shut her in the downstairs back part of the house with access only to the dining room, kitchen, ‘snug’ and conservatory. Now, however, it’s ‘access all areas’ and everyone is home. She is happy and smiles at me (yes that’s right – my little pup does smile) as she lies in a sunny spot on the sofa where the sun is shining in. I don’t have the guilt I usually have when I leave her behind and that makes us both feel happy and much less stressed and anxious – great for our wellbeing


Nita – Wellbeing At Work Advisor