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CLANGing by the Pond

June 3rd, 2020 | Blog

Our pond provides a focal point for our garden and is a source of great interest, particularly for our grandchildren when they visit. It has been there for many years and is home to many different colours and varieties of gold fish. When we first moved here in 2001, it was a raised flower bed, so my husband dug a small pond and we added about 6 baby fish from a local garden centre. Over the years the pond has increased in size along with the inhabitants which stand at around a hundred or more – if you have ever tried counting goldfish you will know it isn’t easy! The pond is also home to several frogs and attracts other wildlife including dragonflies and bees and is full of plants including water lilies, pond weed and pond grasses.

I often spend a few minutes looking into the pond at the fish swimming around peacefully- I find it very relaxing, particularly whilst focusing on my breathing. Sitting by my pond, I  can achieve a real sense of wellbeing, particularly if I have been feeling a bit stressed. Using the Five Ways to Wellbeing (CLANG), I can feel Connected with nature, I can Notice the gentle sounds of the water trickling and the different colours and textures in and around the pond.

If you are interested in feeling the benefits that having your own pond could bring, why not visit www.bbc.co.uk/springwatch where you will find videos and advice on how to build your own pond. Good luck and enjoy!

Nita Dodd  – Wellbeing at Work Advisor