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May 20th, 2020 | Blog

As part of our promotion of Mental Health Awareness Week, advisor Nita shares with us what the perfect start to a day-off would be.

Rise & shine – it’s a sunny day! With the curtains open I’d have a cup of tea in bed brought in by my husband and cuddles with my Jack Russell Terrier “Poppy” – she loves to dive under the duvet and curl up by my feet, while I drink my tea.

After a slow, relaxing start I’d head downstairs (in my dressing gown) to feed the animals (cat, dog and fish) and put out the washing on the line – I find it very therapeutic and satisfying to dry washing in the sun.

Time to check on my recently planted bedding plants, hanging baskets, olive tree, tomato and strawberry plants and rose bushes. Being in Lockdown has made my fingers green – amazing!

Shower and dress ready to sit in the garden in my special chair with a cup of coffee and some hot buttered toast and marmite, or pain au chocolat if I’m lucky.


Nita Dodd  – Wellbeing at Work Advisor