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Listen to our surroundings

April 22nd, 2020 | Blog

6.30 am, 22nd April and I am getting ready for a day’s work, preparing breakfast, consisting of a fresh pot of coffee normally reserved for the weekend, but today is such a gorgeous day, a slight dew on the grass, and a nip in the air, enough for me to get a few goose bumps as I open my kitchen door, but nice enough to want me to take a huge deep breath in and hold it for a while before exhaling with a slight whisp of breath visible. Today was good coffee day. As I stood there in my kitchen, the smell of coffee filling my senses, something else catches me….the sound of the lambs calling their Mums, demanding to have their breakfast too!

Quickly I grabbed my phone and knew I had to record this glorious sound. I have two gorgeous cousins whom are very dear to me, like sisters really. My childhood memories of them coming down to Devon are so clear to me. They used to love us taking them out on the Moors at this time of year ‘Lamb hunting’ with their Dad. As soon as a little wiggle of a lamb’s tail was seen the car breaks were applied and we would all spill out of the car and make many “aaawwing” noises, climb back in and repeat as necessary!! Sending the audio to them enabled me to connect with them in so many ways, the sound, the place, the time and the love shared. Sounds, like animal sounds, music and people’s voices can evoke such memories and love. Listen out to what brings you joy today.

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Ali Crane
Health Improvement Practitioner