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Step outside for a break!

March 30th, 2020 | Blog

Step outside for a break!

Working from home can sometimes mean that you don’t take the scheduled breaks that you might do in the workplace.  It’s really important to make sure that you take a proper break and leave your work space.  You will feel much better for it!

At the moment the weather seems to be much drier as we start to move towards April and so if it’s possible to have a cup of tea or coffee outside then it’s something you should try.  If you have a garden then you might be lucky enough to have somewhere to sit.  If you don’t have a garden but can still get outside for some fresh air then maybe have a ten minute walk around the block or use a nearby public space.  Failing all of these options then you could sit on the window sill with the window open for fresh air and the sound of nature.  Just make sure you move away from your work space and take a break.

My sunny spot is outside my front door next to my flower pots which are looking particularly lovely at the moment.  I wouldn’t normally take a break outside my front door since we live on a busy road but with the reduction in traffic it really is a very pleasant space.