Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode.

Chat with a champion – Sara Harris

April 18th, 2018 | Case Study

Sara Harris

Location of workplace
Podiatrist, Local Care Centre

What did you introduce to the department?
Raised awareness of events that are taking place with colleagues. Encouraged healthier lifestyles to colleagues and suggested lunchtime walks. I would like to look into if the free health checks that could be done at staff meetings.

How did it go?
I have been sending out emails once a month to make staff aware of various awareness campaigns. I arranged for the wellbeing team to come to a staff meeting to carry out the ‘know your measurements’ but unfortunately, due to current demands on the service, our meetings have been cancelled. I will be looking to organise it again when we have meetings again.

Future plans?
Continue to send emails, including awareness of ‘on your feet Britain’ on 27 April. Promote moving more/ walking at lunch time and research desk exercises to do throughout the day. Will arrange the ‘know your measurement’ again.